Oligo-elements, proteins, amino-acids, minerals and vitamins help to slim, firm, detox and relax.



Cold Cream Marine Body Wrap

60 mins

For the ultimate nourishing body treatment for dry and very dry skin, this ritual begins with a deeply hydrating body wrap to soothe the skin and relieve any feelings of dryness, restoring a feeling of comfort. 


Detox Algae Body Wrap 

45 mins

A rapid detox treatment features a detoxifying seaweed combined with refreshing and stimulating essential oils of Peppermint and Lavender to eliminate excess fluid and relieve tired and heavy legs. After the wrap, a relaxing massage follows.


Sea Glow Body Scrub

30 mins

This is a perfect introduction to body care. A gentle and efficient cream-textured body scrub will eliminate dead skin cells; suitable for even the most sensitive skin. A hydrating application concludes the service.